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Firstly, we are NOT an Estate Agent or Property Portal for Estate Agents, we are a Property Marketplace for Individuals.

We aim to provide property sellers with mass exposure just as current property portals do but with a more targeted and dedicated marketing strategy to have your property seen by buyers who would genuinely be interested in your property. We aim eventually to use machine learning to master this which will mean listed properties will sell much faster and the amount of properties that sell successfully will increase.

We allow buyers and sellers to transact directly without the need for an estate agent.

Currently, to be listed on popular property portals who have a high volume of traffic to their websites to have your property seen, you have to go through an estate agent. The estate agents manage your listing meaning you are often unsure on the status of your property sale, waiting for estate agents to relay messages and paying fees that could and should be in your own pocket!

We provide sellers with the marketplace to list properties for sale, communicate directly with buyers, accept/negotiate genuine offers from potential buyers that actually have the means to pay, arrange viewing times and dates and know the status of your property sale all whilst saving a huge amount of money and time!

We give buyers and sellers the direct control with 24/7 access to agree a property sale and eventually the ability to complete the whole transaction without the need for solicitors or conveyors.