Communicate directly with seller

Communicate with sellers directly through our platform using our built in messenger. Talk directly to the person who knows the property and the area best..


Negotiate offers with the seller online.

Negotiate offers for listed properties with sellers directly through our platform. Once a sale is agreed we pass the information to the conveyancer to process the sale.


Arrange viewings with the seller online

The Agent Not Needed platform makes its super simple for buyers to arrange a viewing with a few simple mouse clicks.


Save time by cutting out the middle men

Agent Not Needed connects the buyer and seller directly. Allowing you to communicate day and night when the other estate agents are closed.

How It Works!


Step 1

Search for a property in an area you like.


Step 2

Communicate, arrange viewings and Negotiate price directly online using our software.


Step 3

Agreed sales are then passed to a legal convayancer to complete the transaction. We keep you upto date through to completion.